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 Your pool is the focal point of your backyard, so why not give your tired, worn out pool a well deserved makeover, with a professional fibreglass pool renovation done by the experts at Universal Pools.

Rather than going to the expense of buying a new pool, the fibreglass pool renovation is a much more cost effective and time saving way to get your pool looking good again. Within a week you have a brand new look pool, for a fraction of the cost of a new one and with minimal disruption to your backyard.

The fibreglass renovation is like building a new fibreglass shell inside the existing pool and just applying a colour is not going to work. It's like a car, where spraying a colour over a rusted vehicle might look good for now, but you know it's not going to last.

The fibreglass renovation process can also be applied to a concrete pool. Have a look in the gallery, and you will see the amazing transformation of an old concrete pool in Keysbrook. Universal Pools also offers a repair service. If you have a crack in your pool shell, then it can be fixed. Alternatively, the crack is automatically repaired when you have a renovation done. Depending on the severity of the crack, it is usually included in the price of the renovation.

Warranties offered by Universal Pools vary, depending on original condition of pool shell. These are always discussed with the pool owner and outlined in the written quote.

After the initial quote is accepted by the client and a start date is set, then the renovation can begin.

PROP, EMPTY AND CLEAN POOL- Acro-props are positioned before the pool can be emptied of water, with the walls braced to ensure that the weight of surrounding soil does not cause the pool to cave in when water is taken out. Walls and floor may be cleaned at this stage if needed.

GRIND AND PREPARE SURFACE - The dirtiest, dustiest part of the renovation. The pool walls and floor are completely ground back, with industrial strength sanders. Also in the preparation process, all visible blisters/blackspot are removed and repaired. Also includes the repair of any existing cracks, holes or weak spots. Tarpaulins are set up over the immediate pool area, to keep the dust to a minimum. In some pools, that are in really bad condition, the preparation process can take up to 2 days.

RE-LINE POOL WITH FIBREGLASS LAMINATE AND VINYL ESTER RESIN A layer of fibreglass reinforced laminate and vinyl ester resin is applied to the walls and floor of pool, and if needed also the edgebeam of the pool.

APPLY VINYL ESTER FILLCOAT A light sand after the previous procedure and then vinyl ester fillcoat (the base colour) is applied. Later in the day or the next morning, when coat is reasonably dry, a light sanding is applied to the walls and floor to prepare surface for final process.

APPLY FINAL TOPCOAT (COLOUR) The final topcoat is applied. This is called a flowcoat. This is the colour you have chosen for your pool. Also on this day, a non-slip surface is applied to the pool steps and edgebeam.

Your pool renovation is now complete. A couple of days after the topcoat has been applied, the water can now be replaced and the props removed.


1. 'Glitter Finish', exclusive to Universal Pools, is applied to the steps of the pool. Included in the   renovation price. 

2.  Child safety lids are supplied and installed, if you don't already have one, also included in the price. Owners are legally required to have one. 

3. If your old skimmer lid is lost or broken, it can be fixed like new, to match your newly re-furbished pool, or one will be custom made for you. Included in the renovation price.

4. White weir flap, with white rubbers  is supplied and installed, for the owners that may be missing their original one. Included in the renovation price.

5. Old lights, flip hoses etc. can be blocked off and removed, if no longer required. Included in the renovation price.

6. An LED light can be supplied and installed at the owners request. Price will be quoted as an extra.

7. Heater pipes, new returns, new skimmer box etc. can all be supplied and installed. Any pipework that needs to be fixed or replaced. Price will be quoted as an extra.

8. Custom made seating or swim-outs, even steps, can also be made in your existing pool, during the renovation process. Prices to be quoted as an extra.

9. If you need new equipment, pumps, filters, chlorinators, pool cleaners, hand-rails, etc, even rollers and solar blankets. It can all be supplied and installed by Universal Pools at the time of your renovation. Prices to be quoted as an extra.

REPAIR SERVICE: Universal Pools also offers a repair service on your fibreglass swimming pool.

1. Leaks can be found and repaired:

a. Cracks in your fibreglass pool shell can be repaired.

b. Also leaking pools caused by broken pipework, returns, lights or skimmer boxes.

c. Skimmer boxes can also be replaced with a new one.

POOL REMOVAL SERVICE: Universal Pools can remove your unwanted backyard pool.

1. If you find that you no longer use or want, or simply can't be bothered anymore just to maintain it, Universal Pools offers to remove it for you.

2. Universal Pools will come out to assess your swimming pool for removal, either by digging it out and taking it away, or by cutting it up and removing to skip bin, supplied by Universal Pools. Mick will discuss both of these options with you.

3. Both options do include the existing hole left by the swimming pool, to be filled in.

If you have any questions regarding any of these procedures or services, please do not hesitate to call Mick Prendergast of Universal Pools on 0419947746 or email us.